Preserving medicine

Preventive Medicine (previously published as - Prevention of Diseases and Health Promotion) issues on  the base of the National Research Center for Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. The Journal has been founded in 1997. It is intended for medical professionals, politics, healthcare organizers and scientists.


 A wide range of socio-political and scientific-practical problems, which are regularly discussed on the pages of the Journal.  Special attention is given to the prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases:  cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancers and diabetes.

The journal is recommended by the Russian Highest Certifying Commission for publications of original results (degree theses).

The most important topics for the Journal include:

-          Politics and strategy of diseases prevention and health promotion

-          Healthcare organization

-          Legislation

-          Economic aspects of  diseases prevention  and health promotion

-          Public education

-          Guidelines

-          Marketing of preventive programmes

-          Prevention of infectious and noncommunicable diseases

-          Management of risk factors in children and young adults

-          Social and physical environment

-          Official documents

-          Help for medical practitioners


Editorial board:

   Editor in chief -
 Sergey . Boytsov
   Deputy Editor -
 Igor E. Koltunov, G..slennikova
   Executive secretary -
 Rima .Potemkina
   natoliy N. Britov (scow)
   Yury A. Vasyuk (scow)
   E.G. Volkova (Chelyabinsk)
   Ya.L. Gabinskiy (Ekaterinburg)
   I.S. Glazunov (Moscow)
   .. linina (scow)
   R.S. rpov (sk)
   R.. simov (Vologda)
   .. yazeva (scow)
   V.. znetsov (yumen)
   lga Y. uznetsova (Saint-Peterburg)
   V.. tel"skaya (scow)
   Rafael G. Oganov (Moscow)
   Irina V. Osipova (Barnaul)
   .V. shchepkina (scow)
   Nana V. Pogosova (Moscow)
   Yuri M. Pozdnyakov (scow region)
   .P. Rebrov (Saratov)
   Irina N. Ryamzina (Perm)
   G.I. Simonova (Novosibirsk)
   .V. Shlyakhto (Saint-Peterburg)
   S.S. Yakushin (Ryazan)