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According to the number of abstracts accepted for the main European preventive Congress - EuroPrevent 2014 in Amsterdam, Russia has become the leading country! Received congratulations from European colleagues about this landmark event, which are addressed to the President of the Russian Society of Cardiology E.V. Shlyakhto , Director of FGBU GNITS of Russia S.A. Boytsov , President of the National Medical Society of Preventive Cardiology Y.M. Pozdnyakov  and ex- President of the Russian Society of Cardiology R.G. Oganov .

«Why are cardiovascular disease rates in Russia higher than the rest of Europe?”.


Marina Zlobina (Tomsk) – the  winner of the Eurovision Young Scientists , held the National Medical Society for Preventive Cardiology at the Scientific -Practical Conference " Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation 2013 ." Grant received the winner, allowed her to take part in the congress EuroPRevent 2014 in Amsterdam.