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On 27 September 2015 in Moscow at the VDNKh took place the action called "10,000 Steps to life" in the frame of the World Heart Day.

The event was organized by the Russian public organization "League of Nation"s Health" with the support of the Moscow Health Department. The opening of this action attended  the President of the Russian public organization "League of Nation"s Health", member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, world-famous heart surgeon  Bokeria LA, the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, three-time Olympic champion, ten-time World champion, Russian public figure and statesmen Rodnina IO, , the chief specialist of preventive medicine of Moscow Health Department, Professor Pogosova NV,  the Chairman of the Commission for health and public health protection of the Moscow State Duma Kartavtseva LR.

Hundreds of Moscow citizens had a start at the Pavilion 5 of VDNKh and walked  10 000 steps through the territory of the Exhibition Center of Economic Achievements, Ostankino Park and the Botanic Garden. The event has been performed under the slogan "Healthy Family, Healthy Moscow, Healthy Russia" in the frame of the National Year of the fight against cardiovascular diseases.