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On June 15-16, 2017 in Moscow was held the X Anniversary International Conference "PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2017", organized by the National Society of Preventive Cardiology, which this year celebrates the 10-year anniversary. The Conference was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Department of Health of the Moscow city. The Russian Society of Cardiology, the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physicians, the National Atherosclerosis Society, and the Russian Society for the Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases provided an active support.

The conference started with a welcoming speeches of  Deputy Head of the Department of Health of the Moscow city Alexey Pogonin,  Chairman of the Public Health Commission of the Moscow City Parliament Lyudmila Stebenkova, Deputy of the Moscow City Parliament, chairman of the Council of Chief Physicians of the Department of Health of the Moscow city Irina Nazarova, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Health and Communications of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Valery Buzin, Vice-President of the Russian National Society of Preventive Cardiology Nana Pogosova, Secretary General of the Russian Society of Cardiology Alexander Nedoshivin and the first President of the European Society for Preventive Cardiology Hugo Saner (Switzerland).

In his welcoming speech the Secretary-General of the Russian Society of Cardiology, professor Alexander Nedoshivin read out a congratulatory address from the President of the Society, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Shlyakhto, and presented a Honorary Diploma for contribution to development of cardiology from the Russian Society of Cardiology to the Vice-President of the Russian National Society of Preventive Cardiology professor Nana  Pogosova.

On behalf of foreign guests the first President of the European Society for Preventive Cardiology, professor Hugo Saner spoke. He particularly noted the long and fruitful cooperation of the European Society for Preventive Cardiology and the Russian National Society of Preventive Cardiology, and handed a Honorary Diploma to professor Nana  Pogosova.

The X Anniversary International Conference "PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2017" was devoted to one of the most important health problems – cardiovascular diseases, that remain a leading cause of death in most developed countries, including Russia. The Conference addressed the most relevant issues of screening, early diagnosis, primary and secondary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases. A significant place in the Conference program was given to comorbid diseases, often seen in cardiological and therapeutic practices.

World opinion leaders in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other non-communicable diseases from 10 countries took part in the Conference, including world-famous cardiologist professor Salim Yusuf, the President of the World Heart Federation professor David Wood, the President of the European Society of Preventive Cardiology professor Deiderick Grobbee, the President of the Society of Cardiologists of Portugal Miguel Mendes, Director of the Department of Preventive Cardiology of the Mayo Clinic (Clinic No. 1 in the USA) professor Francisco Lopez and other well-known experts from Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Romania and other countries.

The conference was attended by leading Russian specialists – Rafael Oganov, Sergey Boytsov, Yuri Pozdnyakov, Yuri Belenkov, Bagrat Alekyan, Elena Vasileva, Grigory Arutyunov, Yuri Vasyuk, Svetlana Shalnova, Anna Kalinina, Sergey Martsevich, Nikolay Shamalov, Maria Glezer, Marat Ezhov, Mikhail Antsiferov, Arkady Vertkin, Viktoria Badtieva and others.

One of the most striking events of the Conference was the Round Table of World Experts in Cardiology devoted to the most effective approaches to reducing cardiovascular mortality. The moderators of the round table were professor Hugo Saner (Switzerland) and professor Nana Pogosova. During the discussion their opinion expressed Salim Yusuf (Canada), David Wood (United Kingdom), Diederick Grobbee (Netherlands), Miguel Mendes (Portugal), Francisco Lopez (USA), Ian Graham (Ireland), Tiina Laatikainen (Finland), Dan Gaita (Romania). Young cardiologists got a unique opportunity to address their questions directly to the legends of world cardiology. On some of the most important issues a lively discussion ensued. Especially notable is participation of the world-famous cardiologist professor Salim Yusuf, whose innovative ideas and approaches have changed cardiological practice more than once. The Round table language was English.

During the Conference some of previously unpublished results of scientific research were presented. In particular, the head of the European Society of Cardiology group on SCORE scale creation, professor Ian Graham (Ireland) for the first time presented the results of the Russian-European project for recalibrating the SCORE scale for the Russian population (based on actual cardiovascular mortality. Professor Nana Pogosova presented the first results of a large-scale Russian multicenter study “KOMETA” devoted to psychosocial factors in patients with arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease in 30 cities of the Russian Federation.

The extensive scientific program of the Conference, which included symposiums, round tables, master classes, clinical seminars, poster presentations, a school for doctors, was fully implemented.

In the Conference hall there was organized an exhibition with the participation of 26 companies, including manufacturers of medical equipment, medicines, as well as medical publishers and informational partners of the Conference, including journals "Cardiology", "Cardiovascular therapy and prevention", "Russian medical journal", "Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology", "Preventive Medicine", "Polyclinic", "Doctor.RU", "Russian Cardiology Journal". Among information partners of the Conference were also"The First Medical Channel", "Portal of the Russian Doctor", Educational Portal "Doctors Together", Medical online platform “ROSMED.INFO", Medical Informational Agency "MEDFORUM", "KST Interforum", Association of Interdisciplinary Medicine ", the publishing house "Logosfera "and" GEOTAR-Media ".

During the breaks between the symposia, the Quiz for Preventive Cardiology was organized for participants of the Conference. Doctors most successfully responding to quiz questions were awarded with medical literature and medical products useful for practical work.

From the technical novelties of the Conference, it should be noted the organization of the translation of the plenary session and scientific symposiums in the area of ​​the exhibition of medical equipment and medicines, thanks to which the exhibitors and listeners of the Conference had an opportunity, not being in the halls, to follow the most important and interesting speeches and presentations. In addition, the Internet broadcast of the plenary session of the Conference and a number of scientific symposia was carried out by 1MedTV channel.

Within the Conference, a poster session took place, which aroused the interest of the participants of the event. A lot of efforts were made by the Contest committee, which listened to the authors of poster presentations, held an active discussion of the submitted papers and, based on the results, on a collegial basis determined the winners of the Contest for the best poster presentation. They became the leading research associate of the National Research Institute of Preventive Medicine of the N.S. Karamnova (first prize), post-graduate student of the Department of Hospital Therapy SZGMU named after I. I. Mechnikov from St. Petersburg V.B. Petrova (second prize) and head of the laboratory of arterial hypertension of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Cardiology" from Minsk (Republic of Belarus) .S. Pavlova (third prize).

A lot of worries among early career cardiologists were connected to a Contest of Young Scientists. Participants who passed a rigorous selection into the 2nd round, were listened by an authoritative board. All submitted works were of a very good quality . The third prize was taken by junior researcher of the FGBU "Research Institute for Therapy and Preventive Medicine" (Novosibirsk) M.Y. Shapkina, with the work "Atrial fibrillation: prevalence and cross-sectional determinants in the population sample of Novosibirsk (9255 participants)". The second prize was taken by the research associate of the Republican Scientific Center "Cardiology" (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) .. Kornelyuk with the work "Assessment of paroxysmal symptomatology in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation after radiofrequency ablation of pulmonary veins". The winner of the Contest of Young Scientists of the X Anniversary International Conference "PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2017" became a pediatrician, a graduate student of the Kazan State Medical Academy, a branch of the State Pediatric University of Russia, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan N.V. Kustova, with the work "Pulse oxymetrical screening for early detection of critical conditions in newborns." This is especially gratifying, since the work is dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular complications at the earliest stage of life in newborns.

The conference was attended by 1115 specialists from 103 cities and 13 countries. Doctors participating in the conference received 12 educational credits within the framework of the system of continuous professional medical education.

The Scientific and Organizational Committee hopes that the X Anniversary International Conference "PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2017" will open new perspectives and will be another step towards improving the provision of medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases and patients at high risk of their development.