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 E-cigarette use has really grown pretty significantly. It does an estimated $1.7 billion in sales[1] and it"s currently expected that it will exceed revenue from cigarettes in about 10 years. They"re marketed as healthier, as potential quitting aids, and they allow smoking anywhere. The marketing is briefly summarized as "e-cigarettes are healthier, cleaner, and cheaper."

The reason for revisiting the topic is that on June 23, 2014, R.J. Reynolds (or Reynolds American) began a national campaign of the first American-made e-cigarette[2] and have reported that they will begin a broad national campaign to promote the sale of this new e-cigarette. It"s expected that the other American companies will follow suit, and this will expand beyond what"s been mostly retail Internet sites and billboards, mall kiosks, and gas station posters to a broader, more advanced marketing campaign.