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Normal-Weight Central Obesity May Up Mortality in CAD Patients

Having a normal body-mass index (BMI) but a high waist circumference (WC) or high waist/hip ratio (WHR), representing "normal-weight central obesity," can increase risk of mortality in patients with coronary artery disease, according to new research.

The analysis of more than 7000 CAD patients from five cohort studies showed that those with a normal BMI and high WHR or high WC had significantly higher mortality risk vs those with lower WHR or WC (both comparisons, P<0.001).

In the overall population, having a high WHR alone was associated with twice the mortality risk as a low WHR. High WHR was also associated with increased mortality in the women-only and men-only subgroups (all comparisons,P<0.001). However, having a high WC was significantly associated with a higher mortality risk only in the men (P=0.02).

"When combined with BMI, WC in men and WHR in women may provide additional prognostic value" when it comes to mortality risk, lead author DrSaurabh Sharma (Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA) and colleagues write.

The findings were published online February 6, 2016 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.