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Statin Underdosing Common in Higher-Risk Patients: PALM Registry Analysis

Despite a notable shift in focus from lipid goals to statin intensity in the 2013 US treatment guidelines, statins continue to be underdosed in higher-risk patients, according to a Patient and Provider Assessment of Lipid Management (PALM) Registry analysis.

After examining data for 5906 adults who met indications for a statin and had routine access to care, the investigators found that 74% of patients were on a statin, but only 45% were on the appropriate-intensity statin.

The largest gap in underuse was seen in those recommended for high-intensity statins, in whom 80% were on a statin but only 29% were on the appropriate high-intensity statin.

In contrast, 67% of patients recommended for moderate-intensity statins were on a statin and 60% were on the appropriate dose.