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Migraine Tied to Hypertension Risk in Women

Women who experience migraine headaches, particularly migraine without aura, may be at increased risk for hypertension, a new analysis of the Women"s Health Study suggests.

Researchers found a 9% increased risk for incident hypertension associated with a history of migraine with aura but a 21% increased risk among those with migraine without aura.

The association between migraine and hypertension has mostly been explored in cross-sectional and case-controlled studies, and the evidence from this research has been mixed, the authors say.

It"s not clear from these studies whether migraine increases the risk for hypertension or hypertension increases the risk for migraine, said lead author, Pamela Rist, ScD, Brigham and Women"s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr Rist presented results of the new analysis at the American Academy of Neurology 2017 Annual Meeting (AAN).