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COVID-19 pandemic is an urgent time for older people to practice resistance exercise at home

A decrease in daily physical activities and an increase in sedentary time culminates in an impactful skeletal muscle disuse period and reduction in neuromuscular abilities related to functional capacity. Home-based resistance training (HBRT) is a strategy to mitigate physical inactivity and improve or retain muscle function and functional performance. Therefore, it is an urgent time to encourage older people to perform resistance exercises at home to avoid a harmful functional decline and promote physical health.  HBRT can be designed using exercises that simulate daily physical activities like sit and stand up and step up, as well as climbing stairs when it is possible. It is important to note that HBRT can be performed with little material resources (i.e. chair, elastic and sticks), and accessible exercises (e.g. squat, hip flexion and calf-raise in a standing position) can be adapted to the current individuals" physical condition 

Источник: Experimental Gerontology. Volume 141, November 2020, 111101